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Build Systems Bulgaria is a construction and investment company established in a competitive market environment. The company is characterised with financial stability, clear vision and established principles for implementation of its investment projects in the sphere of residential and administrative building construction.
The following key principles guide Build Systems Bulgaria in its work:

  • To implement each investment projects exclusively on the grounds of its highly qualified management having many years of experience in construction business;
  • To use the best practices in investment project selection;
  • To apply the latest design and construction tendencies by utilizing all proven cutting-edge technologies;
  • To use competitive approach in all stages of selection of sub-contractors, suppliers and external service providers;
  • To exercise regular control and monitoring over the execution of each construction stage.

Adherence to these principles helps Build Systems Bulgaria achieve its ambitious and main objective - to satisfy, as completely as possible, the requirements of its clients. Each of the company's final products is an embodiment of quality, comfort, security and high technology.

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