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Buxton - office building


Build Systems Bulgaria is currently constructing a complex of two buildings, including a residential and an office building, at Vihren Street, Buxton Residential District. The complex is situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the “green” district area in the immediate vicinity of Buxton Brothers Blvd., facing Vihren Str. It is located in 15 minutes distance from the downtown area with a quick connection to the Bypass.

The office building faces the street. It is very easily accessible both from Buxton Brothers Blvd. and from Tsar Boris III Blvd. There is an excellent stay and parking opportunity. The first floor consists of department stores, each one of them provided with a separate entrance from the street, the entire second floor is intended for a medical clinic, the third and the forth floors provide office promises accessible through vertical communication – a staircase and an elevator connecting the upper floors with the ground level. The communal parts of the building will be accomplished with luxurious high quality materials.  A part of the building will have a suspending façade, while the other part will have a luxurious stone façade covering.

The residential building will be located far from the street noise, in the inner sunny section of the plot. Completely oriented towards Vitosha Mountain, the building is provided with functional, light and comfortable residential premises. It consists of a ground floor with garages, three residential floors and an underroof level. The ground floor with have a stone facing, while the remaining part of the façade will have a mineral coating in warm colours. The communal parts of the building will have a deluxe granite coverage. The elevator with be provided with a luxurious cabin. The light in the premises with be provided through a four-chamber PVC joinery of the “French window” type.

Both buildings will have central heating and installed aluminium radiators. 

The vacant yard between the buildings will be cultivated and planted with greenery.

Address: Sofia, Buxton Residential District, Vihren Str.
Phase of execution: finish
Complition date:

3D visualizations
Price (EUR):    from      to 
Area: from to
Number of rooms:
Type Floor Type Built-up
area sq.m.
Undivided share
Total area
Total price
status Information
 store1 parter store 177.73sq.m. 33.12sq.m. 210.85sq.m. - -  sold   look
 store2 parter store 107.46sq.m. 20.02sq.m. 127.48sq.m. - -  sold   look
 store3 parter store 99.15sq.m. 18.51sq.m. 117.66sq.m. - -  sold   look
 4 parter clinic 173.87sq.m. 21.49sq.m. 195.36sq.m. - -  sold   look
 5 parter pharmacy 52.26sq.m. 7.59sq.m. 59.85sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.1 fl.1 office 29.62sq.m. 3.65sq.m. 33.27sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.2 fl.1 office 74.34sq.m. 9.16sq.m. 83.50sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.3 fl.2 office 29.62sq.m. 3.65sq.m. 33.27sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.4 fl.2 office 50.42sq.m. 6.21sq.m. 56.63sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.5 fl.2 office 39.81sq.m. 4.90sq.m. 44.71sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.6 fl.2 office 40.24sq.m. 4.96sq.m. 45.20sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.7 fl.2 office 87.85sq.m. 10.82sq.m. 98.67sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.8 fl.3 office 30.72sq.m. 6.79sq.m. 95.13sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.9 fl.3 office 30.32sq.m. 5.23sq.m. 49.75sq.m. - -  sold   look
 off.10 fl.3 office 52.17sq.m. 9.55sq.m. 123.12sq.m. - -  sold   look
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