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Apartment No 42

Description: 1 BR apartment, third floor, with westerly exposure facing a low traffic street

Address: Sofia, Lyulin, Djavaharlal Neru Blvd - across from KFC
Phase of execution: Put into use
Complition date: April 2007

Floor: 3
Type: 2-room
Built-up area sq.m.: -
Undivided share sq.m.: -
Total area sq.m.: 65.42
Price sq.m.: -
status: sold

Total price sq.m.: -

Premises Area Type of ending
vestibule 6.1 sq.m. gypsum puttying and cement coat
dining-hall with a kitchenette 21.4 sq.m. gypsum puttying and cement coat
bedroom 12.9 sq.m. gypsum puttying and cement coat
bathroom with WC 3.1 sq.m. plastering with cement coat
balcony 2.1 sq.m. cement coat with installed siphon
  Installation works Completion
  Electricity triple cord, with switchboard, no sockets and switches
  WSS polypropylene pipes, installed water meters, without sanitary fitting and mixing taps
  HVAC central heating, fully completed with installed radiators and individual distribution box
  Telephone to outlet
  Cable and IT to outlet
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